A forum for the open-minded gamers, who wish share their love for gaming. For gamers, who prefer fun over hate and prejudice. For those who like to discuss rather than argue. This is the new generation of gaming! Shin Gaming!
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Sparky the chu
Sparky the chu

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES AND INFO   FORUM RULES AND INFO EmptyMon Apr 12, 2010 9:08 pm

So, what's the idea behind the Shin Gaming Forum ?

This forum is here to support the real idea behind all videogames. Not the graphics, not the cinematic experience, not the innovation, not the competition, but the simple, plain FUN.

We're not here to say wich console of the current gen is the best, wich game is the most underrated/overrated, we're not here to whine and complain about how this gen sucks.

We're here to have fun together, share our opinions, but always being respectful of others' opinion.

what I want to do is build a community of open-minded gamers who simply want to have fun and don't let the name or the brand of a console or game stop them from having said fun. This is a forum for true gamers who despise the console war and any kind of unjustified bashing of a game/gamer/console.

I do hope to build a strong group of friends who can discuss about games without any fear to write their thoughts, to express their joy or to give some consturctive criticism. Maybe one day we'll have a website too, who knows ? ^^

anyway. Here are the rules of the forum.


-no spam and no mindless advertising of other websites

-any form of racism, trolling, insulting and harassing is illegal here. Respect each other, we're here to be friends Smile

-posting of adult material is not allowed, this isn't a porn forum (how many of you are awwing right now ? Razz)

-you can talk about piracy but not support it and post links regarding it in any way. we're being watched <.< >.>

-arguments between users should be brought in private messaging. I kindly beg you not to ruin entire discussions with pointless arguments.

-no console war support. I think we can all agree on this point Smile

-no bashing. If you want to criticize something justify your words.

-HAVE FUN! This is what matters Wink

I'll add more rules in the future, I'm still a beginner at being an admin afterall X3 now go and have fun!
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