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 ( Review ) NaveField : The resurrection of the Steel Fleet

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PostSubject: ( Review ) NaveField : The resurrection of the Steel Fleet   Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:16 pm

( video was put together by me )

Type : Free to play Massively Multiplayer Naval Strategy Game. Teambased.

Costs : Free to play. Premium Items to buy.

Difficult : Hard. Very complex game.

Graphic design : Pixel, not that bad

Funfactor : 4 Stars Very Happy

You like the sea? You like ships? You like big guns, lots of planes and ambushing submarines? Then you should try this game!

You want to have the famous HMS Hood? Then get it and if you want with tripple barrel 16" guns.

You want the USS Enterprise and fight for the air supremacy? Then do it!

You don´t want to act in a battle directly and want to damage the enemy without getting seen? Then take a german submarine and surprise the enemy!

I play it since 2,5 years now and still love this game. I have ships of any kind from any nation i want. The playstyle of the nations and ships is very different.
Dogfighting with batlteships, scouting and bombing the enemy with a carrier, sneaking with a submarine and pushing the enemy a few torpedos into the side or take AA guns and let the sun disappear in the deadly clouds. Its all possible and the efficiency changes from nation to nation, from ship to ship.

Now to the gameplay itself

After the Tutorial-missions you can go on the map to different areas. 2 Battle-areas, one is for Greatbattle ( all ships ) and one is for Blitzkrieg ( only frigates, destroyers, cruisers and lowlvl carriers ). 2 Trade-areas to trade your sailors. And 2 Clanareas, used for recruiting, training and leaguematches/fleetwars. Ah, and the Harbors itself of course : New York, London, Hamburg, Tokio and Toulon. You can only enter them when you reach lvl12 and choose a nation. Until then, you are only able to use " Neutral Ships ".

With your first ships you are outgunned by everything, but lucky you get with nearly every battle a lvlup of your crew. ( you get a starter set which is pretty good, but not tradeable ) When you reach lvl 12 and choosed your nation, you get your first " Nation Destroyer ". With that the Blitzkrieg rooms are beginning to make fun.

You can only controll one ship at time but you can have up to 15 ships in the harbor, which you will need for the HA´s. After joining a room, you wait until it starts. BK ( Blitzkrieg ) starts mostly at 16 players and up. GB ( Greatbattle ) when 20 battleships, a balanced carrier number is in the room and the EXP boost limit is reached, mostly.

You look from above on your ship. Guiding it with the right mousebutton and aiming with the left mousebutton, until you try the manual Firecontrollsystem. With the Aiming-FCS you use your guns with the keyboard. It also increases the accuracy and range of the guns. You should start to practice it at lvl 30 with your first cruiser.

After the battle started,( or better before) you should decide in which direction you want to drive, North or South? At the first contact with the enemy, keep at range. That makes it easier to dodge torpedos and then shoot all you have got.

With every new shipclass you get, you get also more range and firepower. First it gets easier, but then at heavy cruiser and above it gets harder, because you have to learn another playstyle.

The Crew

You can also customize your crew(more or less ). But you should have at least 2 gunners, 2-3 Engineers, 2-3 Repairers and 1 Rookie-Pilot for scout usage. This is the part where you do lvl and the most important on your ship(s). Without a good crew goes nothing.

( don´t know what to write now, i´ll add more later )

The King Discipline : Harbour Assault ( HA )

I did already alot of them with my fleet ( clan ) and they are very very funny and very exciting. You fight directly against another fleet, no excuses, no mercy, simple and brutal top-player and fleetleader skill power and... FUN.

A HA takes about 2 hours in the doing, this is the time limit the attacking fleet has to occupie the harbor. The attacker has to conquer each zone in the area with a fight. They start at the opposiite of the harbor, about 3-4 zones away. Only neightbouring zones can be attacked. Its hard to explain, the feeling to fight with about 140 people against another strong force is just far beyond words. Perhaps two words can descripe it. Epic Fun Cool

so, i think thats enough. some last helpfull tipps and screenshots. See you on the NavyField EU Server Bismarck. Same nick. and dont forgot to write my name into the ' Nominator ' thingy field Wink

Link -> http://www.twowar.com/games/navyfield_index.asp

F12 = Chatlog/Chat in the dock or on the map
F11 = Zoom on/off
F10 = Options menu
F4 = Switching between shooting modes
G = For switching between shell impact and ship
1-9 = Fighter/Bomber/Scout groups
in the chat :
/W playername = whisper
/F = Fleetchat

A full GB room ( 20 BB, 8 CV, 120% EXP boost )

Japanese " Torpedeowhore " Kitakami in the dock

My beloved Montana in the dock + gun info

A Japanese Kaidai submarine torps and sinks an Iowa ( the submarine is lack of air, so it had to get to surface )

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PostSubject: Well done   Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:57 pm

Well done nice video.
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PostSubject: Re: ( Review ) NaveField : The resurrection of the Steel Fleet   Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:54 am

new video. Stafleet ( my people ) against the Hearts of Draconia in a harbor assault for London

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PostSubject: Re: ( Review ) NaveField : The resurrection of the Steel Fleet   

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( Review ) NaveField : The resurrection of the Steel Fleet
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