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 WII NEWS REPORT: 27th April

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PostSubject: WII NEWS REPORT: 27th April   Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:27 pm

Hi all and welcome to the new WNR and also the first WNR to be posted in the Shin Gaming Forum! ( shameless advertising for mah forum, have a link :3 http://shingaming.forumotion.com/forum.htm )

I want to take the chance to deeply apologize for not being able to write down the report in the last two weeks, but you know that sometime my life just gets that busy x.x; but I'm gonna update you on ALL the news that came out in those two weeks, so let's begin! We have some great stuff and also a nice lil review ^^


-Megaman 4 (NES)
-Zaxxon (Arcade)

-Megaman 4 (NES)


-Bang Attack (Puzzle game)
-Military Madness: Nectaris (Strategy game)

-The will of Dr. Frankenstein (Action game)
-Rage of the Gladiator (Action game)
-Bloons (puzzle game)


20th April:
-Monster Hunter 3
-All Star Karate

27th April:
-FIFA World Cup 2010
-Free Running

23rd April:
-Monster Hunter 3

30th April:
-FIFA World Cup 2010

4th May:
-Ironman 2: The game


New details and screens for Conduit 2 have been released (FPS):

- Helipad location in the Jungle
- Also visit Lost City of Z, which may or may not be part of the Helipad Level
- 28 weapons total
- Online security will be improved
- Some online maps from the original will be returning
- Christmas 2010 release (unclear if this is just the UK)
- Oil rig is off the coast of Florida
- Rig has weather effects
- Firefights inside/outside the oil rig
- Flip over tables for cover
- Can charge down enemies with the sprint button
- Multiple paths in levels, ladders so rooms are stacked on top of each other
- Use Wiimote gestures to open gates (twist Wiimote, thrust nunchuck, turn/flick switches)


A new trailer for Dive: The Medes Islands have been released (2d adventure game):


New screens for Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 have been released (2d platform):


New screens and videos for Devil Kings 3 have been released (Action game):


A new trailer for Red Steel 2 has been released (FPA):


While waiting for Dragon Quest X Square-Enix decided to give us the port of Dragon Quest monsters: battle road victory, an arcade game in wich you use cards to summon monsters and fight against other players: here are a few details:

- Port of the Arcade game
- Use cards to battle
- 1-4 players
- Can scan cards from the DSi and use them on Wii
- Tournament mode is Wii-exclusive
- Looking to become a champion in Ryujincho
- Make own avatar (gender, face type, hair style/color options)
- Explor Ryujincho, participate in mini-games
- Use the Wii remote as a sword
- DSiWare and cell phone apps to scan apps


New scans, videos, details and screens for Super Mario Galaxy 2 have been released (platform):

- Stardust will be falling on the Mushroom Kingdom again
- Princess Peach invites Mario to watch
- Mario sees a mysterious light while heading over, sees a small/lost baby star (Baby Chico)
- Baby Chico follows Mario to the castle
- Baby Chico can use a spin attack to defeat enemies
- Ice Flower not returning
- Can use three clouds as platforms by Wiimote shake with Cloud Mario
- Fluffy Bluff and Cloudy Court Galaxies
- Wind can move the clouds
- Clouds go away after a few seconds
- Use ground pound to go through clouds
- Touching water will end the Cloud Mario power-up
- Co-Star mode: Shoot Star Bits, collect objects, allow Mario to jump higher, hold enemies, stun enemies (shakte Wiimote)
- Second player can send messages (cheers/Mario sound effects) through Wiimote speaker with the d-pad as well
- Hint TV: Brief overview of how to get past particular sections in some areas
- Cosmic Guide: Cosmic Witch will control Mario and play until you’re ready, appears if you die too much
- If you use Cosmic Guide, you’ll get a bronze star instead of a gold star
- Yoshi runs off/cries/screams when separated from Mario
- When using Yoshi, music incorporates music
- Ghost House music from Super Mario World in Galaxy 2
- Game uses same engine as the original


New video, scans and details for Xenoblade have been released (RPG):


- Main character
- Likes literature
- Goes off on an adventure with friends to defeat Kishin troops that attacked his village
- Of the Homs race
- 18 years-old
- 171 cm tall
- Voiced by Shintaro Asanuma


- Heroine
- Has known Shulk, Dunban’s sister since they were children
- Of the Homs race
- 18 years-old
- 160 cm tall
- Voiced by Eri Nakao

Dunban (shirtless man from the trailer)

- Hero of the Homs
- Used Monado to defeat Kishin troops
- Injured during a confrontation a year ago
- Of the Homs race
- 30 years-old
- 180 cm tall
- Voiced by Ryu Horikawa


- War friend of Dunban
- Watched over Shulk
- Of the Homs Race
- 44 years-old
- 181 cm tall
- Voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama


- Traveling warrior
- He and Dunban fought over who would use Monado
- Of the Homs Race
- 30 years-old
- 195 cm tall
- Voiced by Norio Wakamoto
- Monado sword was left to the Homs race, is an artifact
- Monado can pierce Kinshin troops’ armor
- The sword takes a toll on the body, only Dunban can supposedly wield it
- Monado may be the only hope to defeat the Kishin attackers
- Time cycle in the game
- Monado has a blur circle close its handle, there is a circle that says “機” (ki), this could be important


New screens for Arc Rise Fantasia have been released (RPG):


Two new videos and details for Jett Rocket have been released (platform):

- Jett (main character) can use his jetpack to fly short stick
- Jett explored the planet Yoroppa
- On this he landed Plant by an attack of “Power Posse”.
- There are huge levels to explore and to solve many puzzles.
- Even Action-Parts
- Snow World, a tropical area
- A total of three climate zones
- There are many different levels, different times of day and weather conditions
- In addition to jetpack and parachute, there is also the “Jet Boat” to cross over the sea, or plow with the “Jet-Snowboader” to the snow.
- Developers compare the graphics quality of “Jett Rocket” with that of “Super Mario Galaxy” because they use too many complex shaders
- Worlds and levels have nothing to do with “Super Mario Galaxy” together
- “Jett Rocket” is by the special moves very fresh and different from other platformers. ”
- “Jett Rocket can jump to about twice its height. It can he still use his jet pack. But there are also many gadgets that can make use of them Jett to go to higher regions.”
- “Jett Rocket” controls are more conventional. The Nunchuk is used for the speed and direction and cause the Wii remote buttons to jump and actions. Some of the special moves and actions using the motion sensor, and that makes a lot of fun. However, we did not want the player just shaking the remote control is constantly on. I think we have since found a very good balance. ”
- To the question “When can we expect with the release of the game?
Very soon. I would expect in weeks rather than months.”


I'm glad to announce that Pokepark: Pikachu's great adventure was rated for USA and europe, so that means we'll get this game at last! a great news for all the pokefans and especially the pikafans :3


New artworks, details and the first ever scans of The Last Story have been released! check them out! (RPG)

- Images make it seem like who the enemy focuses on impacts the strategy of battle (ex: image shows the hero distracting enemies, heroine runs to other side of the field)
- Another hint is that the environment can be used in battle
- “Gathering” ability allows you to take the focus from an ally and put it on yourself (ex: heroine starts casting a spell, the enemies notice and go after her, then the hero uses Gathering so the enemies will focus on him and the heroine can execute her spell)
- Director: “Making order from chaos. Or, pulling the enemies who were in order into chaos. Using one of the main character’s skills called ‘Gathering,’ we wanted to make a system that would let you control that type of situation.”
- Line (“Pointer”) indicates where the enemy’s focus is during battle
- Director: “This [pointer] is probably the most special feature when you see this game”
- Pointer’s color will indicate enemy type (soldier, mage, archer, etc.)
- Director: “Controlling chaos and order on the battle field ties in to victory”
- Producer: “Combat in games is the same. Ordered movements of your allies is the key to victory. But what if there were an opponent who could bring confusion to that order?”
- Devs were interested in making a brand sort of battle system
- Much trial and error
- Magic Circle system: Affects an area (healing, flame)
- Real time battles, players can pause what’s happening so that they can input commands/change tactics and AI of party members
- Ruli Island is a peninsula
- Scans show Count Arganon’s palace
- Ruli City base of operations for the main characters
- Canal in the center of the city, canal splits the city into north and south sections
- Battle system will be real time as previously mentioned


Toy Story 3: The game has been announced for wii. Here we find the first screens and video:


New screens for Flip's twisted world have been released (platform):


A new game called Robox has been announced for Wiiware. Here are screens, details and a video:

- 4 big, connected ‘worlds’, Metroid-like. Some puzzles, exploration.
- 3 main stages to progress into the story: forest, cave and jelly
- Gameplay depends on the stage: more shooting, more platforming, etc.
- The fourth one takes place inside the robot and you won’t control him. Find the other creatures (see them on the screenshots) and use them. Each one has different abilities and you need them to unlock every path inside the robot.
- Following one path or another, Robox habilities will evolve in different ways (not yet revealed)
- NES style controls: jump, shoot and use abilities (8 in total).
- Wiimote movements to do other things. Jump and move downwards to squash.
- Many checkpoints because the game is actually hard. Your live bar can take 3 shots.
- 6 hours without exploration and evolution, but this game is deep.
- Development is almost completed. Testing stage.


A new trailer for Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands has been released (action/adventure):


New videos for Monster Hunter 3 have been released (Action/RPG):


A new video for Sin and Punishment 2 has been released (Shoot'em up):


Genre: Beat'em up
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Bionic Games
Players: 1-2
Clearing time: around 10 hours

Spyborgs is a game that represents a genre that today could be considered pretty much dead: The beat'em up genre. Remember when you used to play games like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs or Captain Commando ? This game is a sort of tribute to those games, especially the last one...It's a wonder why they didn't just made a Captain Commando 2.

Anyway...This game was announced a couple of years ago and the always-present whiny gamers raged about how it looked childish and silly.

Capcom took this into account and the developers gave the game a more mature look as well as canceling one of the main characters. So how's the final result ? Let's find out!

The graphic look of Spyborgs is quite dark and gritty. It also uses a few tricks of the HD consoles like the bloom to highlight the detail of the lighting. The game, overall looks pretty good, the movements of the characters are quite natural and never stiff as well as the enemy robots. The style of the game tries to go after the average Saturday Morning cartoon, with the heroes fighting against an organization of evil robots wanting to conquer humanity.

I must say that I really appreciated the mecha design in this game. The robots look quite cool, even though in the game there are just around 4 kinds of enemies, even if each kind haves different versions, one more dangerous than the previous one. The backgrounds look fairly good, a few more inspired than others, but will sure give you nice visuals, even though the level design is always set on a certain base, with no changes. This is how old beat'em ups were though, so I don't think it's gonna be a big deal. If nothing, the levels are yes, as linear as the old beat'em up games, but give you much more freedom to move around (wich will be useful in case you need to run away from swarms of enemies).

Now, about the gameplay. You'll be able to choose from three characters: The first one is Stinger:

He's the average character of the game. Normal defense and attack, as well as an average combo speed. He's also the only one character to have long-ranged weapons. Then there's Bouncer:

This is the heavy character of the game. Slow, but with more energy and more power on his side, he's capable to break an enemy's guard if using charged attacks. Last but not least Clandestine:

The quick character of the game: Her combos are fast and almost unpredictable, but she's quite low on the defence, but also quite fast to run.
The gameplays pretty much like an old beat'em up game, with a few quirks to it. First of all: the game is HARD. I mean VERY HARD. The enemies not only come in swarms, but also know when to hit, having quite the good AI. Don't you ever try to go on normal mode if you aren't playing with a friend, since the AI of your ally will suck big time. I was forced to play on easy mode (not very easy, I'd feel ashamed X3) whenever I didn't have one of my brothers helping me...and even if that makes the game possible to beat it can still be very hard XD

You can't get distracted, not even for a second, since the enemies are able to take half of your life with a few hits. Just imagine fighting against almost 10 of them at the same time. This game will seriously give you a challenge, especially if you want to go for the high scores, since there's a score rating system that will also give you money at the end of each level, to spend to slightly power up your character. The levels are quite short in lenght, but it's justified given how the difficulty of the fights can keep you in the same area for quite a while and how, if you lose, you're forced to go back at the beginning. So it's a good compromise. Very hard levels, short in lenght but that will throw you back to the beginning if you fail.

Scattered trough the levels you'll also find different boxes that will release spheres of different colours: Orange spheres will fill up your secret move gauge (those spheres can be acquired by defeating enemies as well), green spheres will make you invincible for a short time, Red spheres will give you money and Blue spheres will heal you (you'll always find at least two or three boxes after every fighting area, given how hard the game is). The special moves can be done just if the gauge is full. when you'll block with the Z button you'll start glowing in an orange light and flicking the wiimote while in front of an enemy will give free way to a team attack, in wich you'll have to perform different movements to get rid of the enemy in one shot. This will also give a lot of spheres, the colour depending by the kind of enemy you defeat. If your ally is dead you can still use a special attack, quite shorter, but still able to destroy an enemy, but you'll be vurnerable to attacks while you're doing it.

The combo system is quite simple. By pressing A you can jump and by pressing B you can execute a simple combo of three attacks. The c button is for the special attacks, more slow but more powerful, depending by each character. They can be chained in certain ways with the normal combos as well, giving you the chance to stun the enemies for a short while. So it isn't like you're powerless, the enemies are just that evil and strong XP Especially the spider bots..you'll hate those: huge and able to take you down in 2 hits <.<

There's also a last gameplay addition called Spyvision. By aiming the remote at the screen you can find hidden boxes, items or even bombs to activate. You can do this by aiming at said object (it can be noticed easily if you look carefully) press A and flick the remote upward to reveal it. with some practice you'll learn to do so while fighting ^^

To conclude, the gameplay is fun and old-school, doesn't force you to waggle, using the wiimote just in a few occasions and the game will defenitely give you quite the challenge if you're looking for that.

The story, unluckily, is something that was probably heavily influenced by the gamer rage for the first trailer. It feels as if the cutscenes were made in a rush and in the end the plot doesn't really give you nothing to be excited about...it's just there to justify the game. It probably was made in a rush given how the original one had to be scrapped...it's a shame because the characters really had potential, every of them and it just feels like a wasted chance. The story doesn't influence the gameplay luckily and, especially if you play with a friend this game will be quite fun nonethless, especially if you're a beat'em up lover.

The music uses quite the particular style of music, going from techno and electric music to more rocking ones. While the tunes will probably not stick to your mind and feel a lil anonimous they are a nice company during the game that goes along with the style of the battles, so the soundtrack is nothing of special, but nothing to throw out the window either.

The game does what it should...Be fun, challenging and give a tribute to old beat'em up games. It isn't too long, but for the style of game the lenght is just right, especially since the story feels just too forced, so after a while it could've been just boring. The level design could be a bit repetitive as what happens in the levels, but you can fix this by playing with a friend, as long as you both love challenging games like this. Oh and even if they're just a few trough the game the boss fights are quite epic Razz

This is a game for all the gamers who loved old beat'em up games, a fun game to play with a friend or with your brother in the evening, defenitely something to check out in an age where this is probably the only beat'em up game of this generation.

Here are a few screens:

and a couple of trailers:
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