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 Lord of Ultima

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PostSubject: Lord of Ultima   Lord of Ultima EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 4:40 pm

So, recently I've been kind of addicted to EA's new free browser-based kingdom-building sim called "Lord of Ultima" (http://lordofultima.com). I've been playing since the open beta, and it just opened up to everybody fairly recently. It's "Ultima" in name only, really, but it presents an interesting world nevertheless.

After players select a server to play on, they're given a main city and a small allowance of Wood and Stone. Using that, the player must place resource-gathering buildings and upgrade existing buildings to acquire more resources and be able to do things like upgrade your city's defenses, recruit troops, etc. The player is given a 7 day "grace period" in which their new city cannot be plundered by other players. (As long as you have not yet constructed a Castle, your city cannot actually be attacked, only plundered in an attempt to steal resources. Once you build a Castle, you are allowed to declare attacks on other castled cities or plunder non-castled cities, but you yourself also become open to being attacked.)

Dungeons and boss creatures appear randomly on the map, and you can send troops to raid them for resources and potentially valuable artifacts. After a server has been populated for a certain length of time, ancient cities atop various ruins scattered across the continents will become active, and if a player is able to claim these cities for their own, they (as well as everyone else they may have in their Alliance/Guild) will be given certain benefits for as long as they are able to protect that city from someone else capturing it.

It's a fun and addicting little game that is easy to pop into, queue up some buildings, and then just go do something else for a while, OR sit there and plan stuff out for hours... so it can be either casual or hardcore, depending on your playstyle and how much time you have to spare.

Anyway, they have both US and EU servers, and I believe you don't even need to sign up for an account to do their little "Play Now" tutorial now, so I thought I would mention it here in case this sort of game interested anyone here. Very Happy
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Lord of Ultima
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