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 WNR: 16th May 2010

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PostSubject: WNR: 16th May 2010   Mon May 17, 2010 12:45 am

hey everyone! it has been a while, hasn't it ? ^^; well, see, I have been very busy lately and I also wanted to take my time with reviewing MH3, wich isn't a game I could really finish to review X3 so I wanted to at least play for a long while so that I could experiment as much as I could of the game :3
Anyway! the E3 is closer and closer now. Nintendo promise to show off Zelda, the 3DS, the vitality sensor and Metroid. this alone gives us something to look forward to, not counting any surprise nintendo might hold ^^ well, let's begin the report!


-The King of Fighters 95 (NeoGeo)

-The King of Fighters 95 (NeoGeo)
-Final Fantasy (NES)
-Ghoul Patrol (SNES)


-5 Arcade Gems (Arcade minigames)
-Brain Drain (Puzzle game)
-Zombie Panic in Wonderland (Arcade shooter)
-Kung Fu Funk: Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! (Party game)
-Chess Challenge! (Chess game)
-Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

-5 Arcade Gems (Arcade minigames)
-WarioWare D.I.Y. (Minigames)
-Pub Darts (Dart game)
-Bit.Trip RUNNER (Arcade game)


18th May:
-Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands
-Trauma Team
-Attack of the movies 3D

13th May:
-Sam & Max: Beyond time and space

20th May:
-Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands


New videos, details and scans for Super Mario Galaxy 2 have been released (Platform):

-Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes place in an alternate reality, Mario and Lumas haven’t met b
-Side-scrolling intro acts as part of a story book, pages continue to turn as you progress
-Big Luma is called Lubba, he owns Starship Mario, transforms a planet into the ship
-Bowser has taken the stars along with Peach which Lubba needs to power the ship
-Lubba says: “Nice spaceship, huh? More like a FACEship!” when he transforms the ship
-Starship Mario technically acts as a small hub where you talk to NPCs and have fun
-Brighter game in some respects, has more color and sunny planets
-More than 40 galaxies
-More of Yoshi in Galaxy 2 than New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-Spring Mario power-up only isn’t used very much at all
-Luigi playable at 20 stars, might have another playable character at 120
-Monkey called “The Chimp” allows you to play mini-games
-More 2D sections
-Galaxy 2 has throwbacks to older Mario titles, game tells you not to go on the Internet and search for them
-Bowser stages comparable to Super Mario 64


the boxart of Transformers: Cybertron adventures has been released (action game):


A new scan, screens and details for Dragon Quest: Monster battle road victory has been released (RPG):

-Has the look/feel of the arcade title
-Use Wiimote as “Tenku” sword for special sword attacks
-Obtain virtual cards throughout the game
-Cards added to an album
-Can battle players locally (1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2)
-4 save files
-Wi-Fi support
-Tournament Mode: Create an avatar, explore Ryujincho, battle residents and earn cards/rewards
-Customize hair style, color, face, gender for your avatar
-Earn clothing for your avatar in the game
-Players who have characters in the arcade version will be able to receive bonuses in the Wii title


New trailers and screens for Tournament of Legends has been released (Fighting game):


A new video for Sin and Punishment 2 has been released (shoot'em up):


New screens for Zombie panic in wonderland have been released (Arcade shooter):


A new video for Pearl Harbor Trilogy has been released (Flying simulator):


Call of Duty: Black Ops has been announced as a multiplatform game on Xbox, PS3 and Wii. Let's hope for a valid wii version ^^ No screens or videos of the wii version for now.


A new video and details for Trackmania have been released (Racing game):

-Time trial races
-Platform challenges: Finish a jump, don’t total your vehicle
-Puzzle modes: Need to find the right track pieces to finish
-Multiplayer options
-Can send tracks via Wi-Fi
-Stadium, island, desert, snow, rally, coast themes
-Environments change how your vehicle drives, handles
-Ghost data appears for first/seconds/third while you race
-Can restart a time trial race by pressing a button
-Your best times will show up as ghost data
-Can save ghost data to Wii (one for each track)
-Earn coppers by winning races
-Use coppers to customize your vehicle, track creator
-Download tracks made in the creator through Wi-Fi
-60 FPS
-Releasing in July


Glacier 3 has been announced for wii. It's a racing game with cars heavily armed for fighting, that's all I know so far X3 Here are the first screens:


New videos for Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands has been released (action game):


New screens for Ivy the Kiwi? have been released (Platform):


New screens for Trauma Team have been released (Surgery simulator):


A new trailer, scans and new details for Xenoblade have been released (RPG):

-Overworld loads only when moving to a different body part
-There will be secrets while you explore away from the target location
-You can jump off from heights, but you might suffer damage
-Can warp to previously visited landmarks from your map
-Target area shown with an arrow at the top of the screen
-Change in-game time
-Save anywhere
-Full day cycle
-Time of day affects how the people of Kyojin move/affects their personalities
-Can interact with NPCs
- 90 tracks (soundtrack)
- Shimomura in charge of the composers
- Mitsuda worked on the ending music
- Ending music sung by Sarah Lim


New screens for Jett Rocket have been released (Platform):


The new game of the Wii series has been announced: Wii Party XD Now, before anyone starts raging about how it's a casual/party game, think about this. Nintendo announced it outside of E3, not reserving it as a big surprise for their conference. This is a good thing since it makes me hopeful about it not being considered a huge thing from Nintendo. From the looks of it though, it may also be a fun game, one that will finally use the mii's properly too, so hey, just something nice to add to my collection :3 Here are the first screens and details:

-Party game collection
-Teiban Party mode: 1-4 players, standard games such as Bingo, Roulette, Mii-jam, Overseas Trip Game, Sugoruku (dice)
-Pair Party: 2-4 players, Compatibility Check, Balance Ship, Mii Awase (Mii Alignment) games
-Living Party mode: 2+ players, will have “new play types made possible by the Wiimote.”
-Mii Channel creations will be used for characters
-Over 160 Miis created
-First party game since 2007 (Mario Party 8 )


New videos and screens for Arc Rise Fantasia have been released (RPG):


New screens for The Kore Gang have been released (Action/Platform):


New screens for Dive: The Medes Islands secret have been released (adventure game):


New scans and a video for Devil Kings 3 have been released (action game):


A new trailer for Lost in Shadow has been released:


A new video regarding a quite big contest for NBA Jam has been released. Look for details :3


WII GAME OF THE WEEK: Monster Hunter 3
Genre: Action game
Publisher: Capcom
Hours spent on the game: 20 hours (and still not far in the game X3)

At last! The review of one of the most anticipated games of this year!. I took three weeks to analyze it toroghly. If I wanted to finish the game before reviewing it you would've waited for months XD or even more than that, since this game is virtually endless, kind of like Pokemon. So, let's begin analyzing the game!

Monster Hunter 3 will make you control a novice hunter doing what he's good at. Hunting monsters (surprise! Razz): the game will start out letting you customize your character, even if after a while he'll probably fade under the huge armours you can get later in the game X3

Visually, the game is impressive, not really for the models or the graphic itself, but for how huge the game is and the detail put into the animations of the monsters and the level design. It's kind of like Fragile, where the modeling of the 3D isn't so deep, but the way it's used makes the game quite nice to look at. The game is divided in different environments. Forest, swamp, desert, ice field...each of them being divided in a lot sub-areas. What really amazed me is the detail they put into each of those sub-areas. No one feels like the previous one, some are large, some are small, but each of them is crafted in its own way...sometime it's nice to just stop and look around to enjoy the surroundings ^^

The monsters are quite detailed too, especially in their movements, almost giving them a personality and pulling off a good job in giving them certain behaviours, depending by the situation and the area. If they weren't kicking your butt around the fields it would be so fun to just watch them move X3

Let's move on the gameplay. The game gives its best when played online, even though the single player haves a very important role, since your character will be the same for both offline and online mode, so that you can power up your character in the single player if you don't feel ready for certain challenges. Now, this game, for whoever didn't play a monster hunter game before, will be a bit difficult to understand at first. The game does a pretty good job at leading you trough the first missions though, wich will be quite simple and will let you learn to move trough the game without rush. This is one of those games for wich reading the instruction booklet is REALLY useful, so don't be lazy Razz

The game gives you a couple of basic armours to buy at the beginning, along with sword and shield and a big sword already in your equipment. Later you can also buy and try out other kinds of weapons, even though two of them ( the switch axe and the long sword) will be unlocked later. Now, about the weapons, there are different kinds: The sword and shield are quick, but quite weak attack-wise, the great sword is powerful but slow, even if it's a nice weapon for beginners. The hammer can pull out nice combos, but can leave you quite vulnerable for the recoil of the hit. The spear is a defensive weapon, quick combos, but with a quite short range, though it's the most powerful weapon if you want to block enemy attacks. The bowgun is for people who likes to keep safe distances from the enemies. The switch axe is just for skilled and experienced users. It can't block, but can switch from axe to powered great sword and if used properly it can be DEADLY. The long sword is pretty much a huge katana with a quite nice range, again for experienced players.

You can choose your own style of game. You can focus on just one weapon or on more, to be more versatile. I've decided to use most weapons myself, so that I can choose the right weapon for the right situation. Keep in mind that every armour and weapon of the came can be upgraded, sometime changing overall shape too, to have a full power up. :3

The battle system may seem simple to most, but it's actually very deep. Beside the wide variety of weapons, this game, from a certain point, will FORCE you to get stronger and learn the tactics of the game X3 If you're looking for a button-masher you should look for another game. Mashing buttons here will likely knock you down sooner than you'd expect. Every weapon has a certain range, variety of hits and combos and recoil. The weapon will also influence if you're gonna be walking fast or slow while using it. For example, with the great sword I had to learn how to hit and duck quite early in the game, while I also learned how the "opening slash" that the character makes when taking out the sword can be quite useful and faster than the other attacks of the great sword. This way I learned to constantly put the sword away and take it back out, depending by how the monster would move, so that I could hit and perform a nice combo when needed, or duck out of the way when it wasn't possible without getting pwned ;P

Some people complained about the lack of a lock-on and how the camera does't follow you. Thing is, you have full control on the camera, so that you'll have to learn how to move around the character and the camera at the same time. A piece of cake after a few battles, I assure you, especially if you're using the classic controller, wich I recommend to everyone as the best control mode for this game. Every monster is divided into different hit areas, some being more vulnerable than others, so that, without the lock-on, the game challenges you to actually go for that spot to inflict more damage or to clear certain sub-quests (a classic one is cutting the tail of a monster off). It really is a hard, challenging game, with a lot of things to go after.

The variety of items you can get is huge and they can be used for so much stuff...they can be combined into different potions, items, bombs, baits...The items are even used in the single player mode to be exchanged for other rare items, send fleets to hunt after other items or make the village grow more or make your own crops of mushrooms, healing herbs and more. Items are obviously used to forge armours and weapons and also to upgrade them. Some items can be taken just from certain monsters, so this might make you play a mission more than once (thing that might give you MORE items and also a bigger record on the monster if you seek for that)

The quests areof different kinds, though most of them ask you to look after certain items (taken from monsters or the environment itself), hunt a certain kind of monster, slay a boss or catch one with traps (yes, there are traps too, pokemon anyone ? X3). It may look like things could get repetitive after a while. Trust me, they don't, especially if you play online with your friends X3 the different approaches you can take against the monsters and how every monster makes you move in different ways about defeating him...it's just that fun, and doing it with friends, not only increases the fun, but also the strenght of the monsters, making the challenge stay high, even if you're four hunters against one monster!

The variety of items, weapons and stuff also increases the fun and you'll get really excited about reahcing that wished hunter rank to be able to join that awesome quest you so wished for online. single player mode and online mode are connected, so your character will bring on both modes all of the items you earned, so that you don't have to worry about those things. Only two things I feel like complaining about is how Capcom decided to come up with region-locked servers, thing that won't make american and european players hunt together. Then the wii speak seems to not work properly at times, the quality of the recording not being really high, though this haves to do with Capcom, not with the peripheral itself. Anyway, to close off, Capcom made the online mode even better by adding Event quests, available now and then, with special rewards and exclusive monsters and weapons for the people who get to join them.

The plot of the single player...isn't a real plot, really. It's more of an excuse to give you a target in the single player mode. But as you can easily guess, this game doesn't really base itself on a deep plot XD

The soundtrack is just that great and epic. Most of the time you'll just have very nice environmental noises, but start fighting with the bosses and different tunes will play, pretty much signaling the sudden increase of action that's gonna occur. Going from tribal themes to more epic, orchestral tunes, the soundtrack of MH3 is really worth listening to. Here's a nice example:

To end the review, the game is for people who loves games where to REALLY get into. I once again pull in the pokemon example. For who plays it just for the main story, the series isn't so special, but for the gamers who really go into training their pokemon, improving movesets and catch all of them, well...those are the gamers that get the full depth of the game and the battle system.

This is pretty much the same concept, it's one of those games in wich you're meant to pour hours and hours of gaming into to enjoy it to the fullest. This is also for people who are looking for a nice long game to wait until the other big wii games (even if one of them is right around the corner ;3). I pretty much suggest this game to all the avid wii gamers who are looking for a deep and challenging game with a solid online mode.

who knows, maybe one of you will hunt with me sometime >:3

anyway, here are a few screens:

and a couple of videos:

that's all for this week! have a good wii gaming time! :3
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WNR: 16th May 2010
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