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 Review: Legend of Kay

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PostSubject: Review: Legend of Kay   Review: Legend of Kay EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 11:52 pm

Review: Legend of Kay Legend.of.kay.nds

Well, with my PS2 review of this game on the forum you might be wondering: "Why do you still have to review this game, Billy?"
To which I have to answer: "Because this game is 'nothing' like the PS2 version".
So let's dig into "Legend of Kay" for the Nintendo DS! ;-)

Review: Legend of Kay File

Storyline: 4/10 mostly copied fragments of the previous game
Unlike the PS2 version, the video plays normally but is occassionally interrupted with subtitles explaining what's happening, which isn't bad, though it looks rather cheap and from what the DS is capable of it's a deep shame that they didn't looked into it a bit further.

Also the storyline is very different from the PS2 version, even though it does use thesame premise, a number of things have changed. Like for example: The war isn't really explained in the main story, rather it skips towards Kay who has for 'some reason' left his master *somewhat skipping the whole training sessions with the sword* and goes on to save the various villages.

On one hand I can understand the concept of this breakdown seeing that the Nintendo DS isn't really a big bulgy handheld like the PSP for example and that they had to make some logical sacrifices, though on another standpoint if I have to compare this game to other DS games than I can clearly see that they could've done a bit more, but were either: A- afraid to push the handheld's capabilities or B- didn't have a lot of time on their hands.

Gameplay: 5.5/10 Good, but could've been better
Don't think that the Gameplay is exactly thesame as in the PS2 version, since in the PS2 version you could wield a sword, claws and a hammer... in this version you have 'no-weapons'. The only thing you can do to defend yourself is to jump onto enemies... mostly spiders. If a rat guard for example sees you, the game will freeze and the bottom screen tells you that you've been detected. So yeah... all the fancy fighting scenes you might've seen in videos of its PS2 counterpart are best left forgotten.

Review: Legend of Kay File

Now you might not see a real problem with this, but thesame thing happens when you jump into the water, Kay's drowing animation (or rather running-in-the-air-spasms) plays and the bottom screen shows you a picture of Kay drowning. (if it wasn't obvious enough) you click 'okay' and you can continue... now 'why' was this all necessary? Why can't it be just like in Zelda? You run into the water, you suddently end up on shore and you start blinking, indicating that "water-is-bad-for-you".
Why go through all that trouble anyway? The only reason I can think of for a company to do that is if it was run by buisiness people in fancy suits who tell the developers what is the correct thing to give people the information as clear (dare I say overly-obvious) as possible... but OKAY! It's not really 'that' irritating, you'll get used to it, but it is a downgrade from most standards.

Another problem I can mention is that you HAVE to use the touchscreen when messages appear, you can't press A,B,X,Y or Start... Nope, you have to touch the touchscreen.
This is especially stupid considering that the game is played with the D-pad and button control only. Only in case of a message or conversation you have to press the touchscreen, so why not enable the option to press the A button as well for example?

Review: Legend of Kay File

Also the camera standpoint (as visible in the screenshots is 3rd person, but it's more 'overlooking', obviously to keep the framrate at a stable number. Though, this makes some parts of the game a little harder than they usually are, since you can't really look 'ahead' unless you twist and turn the character and the camera in a certain way. This is especially frustrating when you're trying to get past guards and you can't see them coming.
The game is really easy, don't get me wrong, but it's a point they could've worked on. On a technical standpoint I can understand their choice, but gamplay-wise it's just feels lame and stiff.

Most of the time you're activating cat statues, looking for eggs and all the like and do the basic 'platforming'.
Unlike simply 'porting' levels from the PS2 version like most companies usually do, Legend of Kay for the DS has a lot of levels of its own. They are still 'based' on the levels of the PS2 version in terms of looks, but are designed completely from scratch.
The Graphics also look great. Don't expect Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts graphics though, but compared to other 3D DS games, the graphics look good! First I was afraid that Kay might be too low-poly to be recognisable or that the levels existed out of boxes-with-a-fancy-texture like most 3rd party companies do, but Legend of Kay proved me wrong on this initial thought.
The graphics however 'still' look like they were developed by a 3rd party company, but it's actually done quite well and worth a mention.

Overall Score: 6/10 Good game
Like most 3rd party platform games on the DS it has its fair share of problems, though despite all the negative points I mentioned it is still an enjoyable game if you are so kind-hearted to overlook the known problems this game throws at you.
If you compare it to the Playstation2 version like I mentioned, it looks like a very bad game or even a very bad 'remake'.
Though, if you look at it as an individual game on its own, then it's actually a pretty good game. It's certainly worth a try, especially if you love platform games or if you're bored and you want seek a game to kill of some time, than you should definitly try it out. ;-)

Review: Legend of Kay File
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Review: Legend of Kay
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