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PostSubject: Munchkin   Munchkin EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 4:36 pm

I decided to add a review here, though I am not too good at them, but this palce needs to get back alive again :3

And sorry for the huge picture n.n;

Steve Jackson's Munchkin

So...Munchkin is a card game, which leads the players into a massive dungeon with epic monsters...without the complicated roleplaying rules. Obective of the game is simple: Kill Monsters, Loot treasure and backstab your friends. All to get to the 10th level first.


Original Munchkin takes place in the classic fantasy setting with elves, humans, warriors and wizards.

The rules may seem complicated at first, but they are not, once you truly figure them out. There are 2 types of cards. Door cards, which lead to the next room, and Treasure cards, which contain the loot. If you encounter a monster, you must fight it or run (and possibly die). If you win, you get the monster's treasure. How do you fight? Simple. Each player starts with 1 level and a set number of both cards. Then you just add cards to your character to make him/her stronger, like classes, races, weapons, armor and so on. The monsters ahve levels. To defeat the monster, all you have to do is to have your equipment bonus greater than the monster's level. Then you count 3.5 seconds (this was in the rules) and if none of the other players interfere, you wint. You get level for winning or more, if the monster is strong, and the treasure. The one who gets to 10th level first is the winner.
Some players even go with the rule that everything is legal in the game, as long as you don't get caught by the others X3 This can add a nice new level to the game.

Munchkin Munchkin_cards

What can you equip yourself with? Well, like normal humans, you have 1 head, 1 body, 2 hands and 2 legs. You can add use them all to wield stuff. There are also items that don't require wielding (like Really Impressive Title X3).

And yours co-players can make things harder for you (especially, if you are about to reach the final level) by helping the monster you encounter (by making it stronger or summoning another monster) or hampering your progress (stealing leves or equipment or playing traps). The last level must be gained through fighing, so level up cards won't do.

There are also lots of expansion sets and completely new sets to make the game even more fun, but all have the same rules with minor additions/differences. Munchkin Fu takes place in Oriental setting, Munckin Bites goes with horror theme and Star Munchkin takes the players to classic Sci-fi setting. There are many other expansions too :3 You can play them on their own or suffle different sets to get extremely funny results X3

The point of the whole game is not in complex rules but to have fun. And if you are anything like me, you surely will get good laughs at some of the things in the game X3 Munckin is technically a parody of RPGs and meant to be easy-going rather than serious playing. And the game is always different,so re-play value always exists :3 Especially, if you own many versions. Only downside is that you need at least 3 players for the game to actually be entertaining <:3 But its a group game after all, so that's not such a big deal.

Well, this ended up more as a presentation than a review, but hey, I said I'm not good at these X3 But I hope I managed to at least get the attention of some of you, so you could go and try it out :3 If you like RPGs, I'm sure you'll love this game.

So overall score for Munchkin from me is 8/10
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