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 Colossal Arena

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PostSubject: Colossal Arena   Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:54 pm

I bought this game only yesterday, but spend many hours playing it already =n.n=


Players: 2-5
Play time: About an hour
Difficulty: 2-5

Short description of the game

In the game, monsters from the myths battle eachother in a arena and crowd cheers and bets for the winner, kinda like Roman Gladiators during the ancient times Smile Goal is to win as much money as possible by playing cards on monsters. The winner is the one, whose bets earn most Gold at the end of the game.


You choose 8 monsters out of the 12 possible ones to fight at the arena. You can choose the ones you want or go by random. You get 5 markers to show your bets and 8 cards to play. Playeble cards include monster power cards, crowd cards and judge cards.
The game takes place in 5 rounds, in which all of them, the monster with the least power is dropped out of the fight.
Rounds take place in 4 phases.

1. Bet Phase, when possible bets are places (a special hidden bet can only be placed at first round, when every creature is still alive)
2. Play Phase, when you play cards to decide the outcome of the round
3. Discard/Draw Phase, where you discard possible cards for monsters, who are already dead and draw new ones, so you have 8 in hand.
4. Check Phase, where you check, if any monster will die this round.

You play by taking turns for each step.

The value of your bets depends on, when you played them. Earlier in the game placed bets have more value than those played near the end.

1. round - 4 gold
2. round - 3 gold
3. round - 2 gold
4. round - 1 gold
5. round - 0 gold

You can also place a hidden bet (which isn't revealed until you wish so), which is worth 5 gold. Gold is produced at the end of the game only, if the monster is still alive (naturally). Hidden bet can only be played at the first round. And one monster can only be bet on once/player/round.

Monster cards are cards with the monster's picture and a number. The number indicates the monster's power. When all monsters have a power card (regardless on who played it), the monster with least power dies and the round ends.
If you have the most valuable bet on the monster (excluding hidden bet, unless it has been revealed), you can use that monster's special ability, when you play a monster card to it.

Crowd cards are similar to mosnter cards, but can be played on any monster. When a crowd card is on a monster, the higgest bidder of that monster can't use its special ability, if he is the next to play that monster a card. Crowd cards themselves do not trigger the special abilties.

Judge cards are special cards that do speical actions, which I won't start to describe here.

The game then advances along until only 3 monsters are left standing at the end of the 5th round or the draw pile is empty. After that, the hidden bets are revealed, all bets on the remaining monsters are counted together and the winner is declared.

My opnion

Colossal Arena is fairly simple game and doesn't require much of a set up and its easy to learn, yet it gives surprisingly lot of room for strategical choises and thinking Smile You have to plan carefully, which cards to play and how to place your bets, so the monsters you bet will last, while those other players bet will fall. If you are into a games like this, I suggest checking this one out n.n It can provide fun for hours ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Colossal Arena   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:14 am

Another card game that I've never heard of but looks awesome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Colossal Arena   Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:40 pm

It is very much fun =n.n=
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PostSubject: Re: Colossal Arena   

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Colossal Arena
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