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 what a moderator should do

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Sparky the chu
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what a moderator should do Empty
PostSubject: what a moderator should do   what a moderator should do EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 11:50 am

this message is for all the current and future moderators of the forum ^^ I figured I'd give them a help and tell them what they can do ^^

first of all a mod is supposed to moderate his section, checking that no one causes troubles to other users and that everyone follow the rules of the forum.

A mod is also allowed to creat the [Official] game topics, like the ones I opened so far :3 the layout for now is quite simple, so I accept any suggestion for the official game topics X3

For now just have fun, discuss and let's make this forum big enough to be the game community of our dreams ^^
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what a moderator should do
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