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 [Official] Tales of Vesperia

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[Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty
PostSubject: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 1:36 pm

[Official] Tales of Vesperia TalesofVesperia-26175

Genre: Action/RPG
Publisher: Namco/Bandai

I'm playing this game right now and it's great ^^ nice deep plot, long story (I'm at around 40 hours and still not done with it X3) and also quite difficult at times ^^

at the moment I'm stuck at a certain boss and can't defeat him because he keeps healing himself x.x
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[Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 2:32 pm

This, without a doubt, is the best game to ever exist on the planet of games that exist. It's got Item creation, you learn skills through equipping weapons, and you learn battle artes as you level up and do side quests. There are 7 possible characters that can be in your party (9 in ps3 version) at a time, and they are all widely expanded upon as the story continues and while doing sidequests. Plus, it's the only tales game where you get repede, the most awesome thing a tales game has ever seen. Look at this dog, hes like, super awesomeness. I mean, hes got a pipe in his mouth. That speaks coolness. Anyways, yeah, you have an incredible array of boss battles at your fingertips, and if you particularly liked one, you can replay it in the post game dungeon. Anyways, I'm a gonna descripe characters cause my tales fanboy side wills it.

This game was rereleased for the PS3, and this version gained many bonuses that the 360 version lacked. Like a new character named patty Fleur and making Flynn a complete character, among many others. This game was only released in Japan, and as of today, there has been no news of a worldwide release.


"I think there are some things that you have to do, even if they're a crime. Someone has to do them, even if it means taking the blame."

Description: Yuri Lowell is the main hero of this story. He used to be a knight, but quit because he didn't believe their sense of justice, now he lives in the lower quarter of his city, doing everything he can to help the people that live there too. Yuri is an odd main character, and is completely original for an RPG game. Typically you find the main hero to always follow the right and never do wrong to anyone. Yuri instead judges with his own viewpoint of justice, and is more impulsive, a spur of the moment type of person you could say. Because of that, Yuri is a very unique main hero in his own right.

battle style: yuri fights with swords and axes. In the 360 version, the game obviously preferred sword due to the lack of support in the skills and artes department for axes. Exactly as you would think, axes are slower but more powerful. Due to this nature, most of Yuri's artes change due to that. For instance, take his arte shining fang. When an axe is equipped when you use that arte, instead of Yuri hitting the enemy then twirling his weapon in the air resulting in a 5 hit combo, the axe instead causes that same combo to be lessened, lowering it to 3 hits and slowing down the twirl of his weapon. The PS3 version fixed this, adding better skills to Yuri's weapons and making it possible for you to strengthen the power of an axe weapon further with skills that support it and allowing your artes to strengthen over time, resulting in a much better battle style. As for swords, these are the preferred weapon. This is due to the swords speed and ability to create long and devastating combos. Yuri is the only character able to execute an infinite combo, and even without using the infinite combo, most players use Yuri by executing long and drawn out combos to stun the enemy and keep them from attacking for as long as possible.


"Traveling with you, I know I'll find the right path for myself, too."

Description: Estelle is a sheltered book worm. She's also the healer of thsi game. Due to reasons given in the game, Estelle has had a very sheltered lifestyle, and doesn't understand most things people in this games world find to be normal. this usually creates comical moments. She is compassionate and won't hesitate to help anyone in need, but unlike Yuri, she isn't biased on who she helps.

Battle style: Like many healers in most rpgs, Estelle has many spells at her disposal. She can buff the party and keep their hp up, and when thats done and theres an opening she will cast offensive spells too to help out the party. To balance her moe though, she gets something most healers don't have. Estelle also has physical Artes, and even though estelle may not be the combo expert Yuri is, she can still rack up a lot of damage for your team due to her combined arsenal of spells and physical fighting prowess. Unfortunately, partly due to the giant list of things she can possibly do, her AI has quite a few issues. Even with that faulty AI, she is a powerful healer, and a fun character to play as. She uses more of a graceful moveset, and fights with rods or swords. When using a sword, her speed with physical artes is enhanced, but rods increase her magic potential, also rods enhance her arte star stroke, which is a shockwave attack that she can use from a distance. the rod increases the attacks size and speed. Her fighting ability is more based on graceful combos. due to this, the way she chains some attacks can leave the opponent flying through the air before it can recover, which by then you can be right under your opponent, prepared to strike again. All in all, due to her balanced moseset and healing capabilities, estelle makes for a fun character to play as.


description: Repede is a dog. Of course he doesn't seem to think of himself as a dog, and doesn't like being called one. He speaks by barking like a normal dog would, but theres something about thsoe barks, like you cn just feel what hes saying. Yuri seems to be able to understand Repede, mostly due to the time that they have known eachother. The other party members slowly warm up to repede, as he does to them and he becomes a respected member of the party. Plus hes friggen awesome! How could you not like him?

Battle style: Repede fights with one weapon instead of two different possible types as the other party members do. This weapon is a knife. Rebede bases his attacks on his small size and his incredible speed. Due to that size some enemies attacks might even miss him and go right over his head. Plus, since hes a dog, hes pretty darn fast, and can move around the battlefield faster than any party member. His speed is evident in his fighting style too, as his artes last for a short time and suprisingly hit many times. Even with that, he has his faults. Since hes small, he has trouble fighting flying enemies, and his speed makes it a bit more difficult to link to stronger combos. It takes an alert player to use him correctly, as he will be finished with an arte and will be ready to link to stronger ones in the blink of an eye, so you have to be ready to continue the combo right then and there.


"I think if I ran away... If I abandoned my friends, that'd be the end! I couldn't come back... That's why... that's why I've gotta go!"

Description: Karol is the comic relief in a way. He's also the youngest member of the party being 12 years old. He is a jack of all trades, due to all the guilds he has joined and kicked out of. He can do a bit of everything really. Unfortunately, Karol is also a coward, and has issues with his bravery, but other than that, is very mature for his age. He may be naive at times, but don't let that or his age fool you. He has a big heart.

Battle Style: Karol is very slow. I mean, really slow. He fights using broadswords and axes, and his weapons are as big as he is. he literally dras them around as he runs through the battlefield. Due to this, he focuses on power instead of speed and combos. His damage output though us mediocre at best, and he is left out of parties often. But where he really shines is healing. See, Karol has two important artes that are unique to him. nice Aid Smash and Nine Recovery Smash. They both make glyphs on the ground, and anyone inside it is instantly given back a portion of their hp. (recovery smash heals status ailments) Due to Estelle's unreliable AI, Karol is usually placed into the party as her replacement.


"Having you pity me makes me want to jump off this cliff."

Description: Rita is a young mage. She is fascinated by blastia, wish are objects that,once given a core, can do many different things that make life better for humanity, like for instance, making barriers around cities to keep monsters out. Due to that, she really can't read emotions as well as most people. This also causes her to clash with Karol due to his cowardly nature, and this sort of "rivalry" can often create comical moments.

Battle Style: Rita is our mage. She fights with spells of varying elements, ranging from fire to darkness. She has an impossibly huge damage output as long as she is kept out of the enemies reach. Her weapons are scrolls and whips. Like Estelle she is balanced more by being given physical artes to work with too, but even with them, her ai often prefers to use spells. When playing as her, you'll notice that her physical artes are unchanged by the difference between whips and scrolls. So her fighting ability remains about the same the whole way through. If you have enemies coming at you often, just use a combo with her artes and back away. As long as you continue to cast spells, the enemy will fall quickly and efficiently.


"Hey, I've been on pins and needles since we got here. Hold my hand, would ya?"

Ah Raven... He is the resident pervert of the group. Plus he's old, so he fills the creepy stalker like old dude that rpgs love to create. Though he also has a serious side too. There is more to him then meets the eye, and his character is rather mysterious. Who knows, maybe he's more important then his perverted attitude reveals?

battle Style: Raven uses long bows and short bows. He fights from a distance, using finesse and power to take down his enemies. Raven has possibly the most diverse battle style of them all. he can use his archery style to set up traps on the field and shoot powerful arrows at the enemy. He can (with the right skills equipped) make his archery artes become physical artes when hes closer to the enemy. He can cast spells and deal damage with the wind element. Finally he can heal using his arte love shot, which fires up to 3 arrows, which all heal a certain percentage of hp. This diverse use of combos makes him a candidate to replace Estelle if you want to use her and cant heal, or just if you want someone with a better ai.


Judith: Maybe I should show a little more? You know...
Raven: Oh yes! OH GOD YES!!

Judith is another mysterious character with an interesting past. She is cheerful and seems to enjoy fighting a lot. Also, shes hot, so raven often causes comical moments. When she's serious, she will turn completely cold and uncaring, but every time she will manage to hit home and prove the point she is trying to make right in your face.

Battle Style: Judith uses spears and staffs. Like Rita this doesn't differentiate her attacks much, so she remains about the same the whole game through fighting wise. She fights in the air, and creates massive aerial combos that quickly overwhelm an opponent, after all, most opponents can't counter a combo from the air. This has flaws, like how no-one else can fight the same enemy and help Judith out for she takes her foes out of the reach of the party, but she deals so much damage it makes up for that. Of course, 1 hit from anyone else from your party ruins that combo immediately. It's insanely difficult to execute her combos, so its recommended to leave her to the ai if you are a beginner.


"Didn't we swear on our swords when we were kids? We would fight to make people smile."

Flynn is the longtime friend of Yuri Lowell. Unlike most characters with this type of role in an rpg, Flynn has all the qualities you'd come to expect in a normal main character. Thus he and Yuri often clash due to their opposing viewpoints on justice. Flynn is basically the rival to Yuri. He is a knight, and wants to change everything from the heart of the problem and patiently works towards that goal. Yuri acts immediately the moment he gets a chance, and is impulsive. They make for perfect rivals, and friends.

Battle Style: Flynn joins your party for one battle only, and during this battle his combos are sluggish, and he has 1 healing spell and about 7 fighting artes. As to counter Yuri's more unique style for a tales game, Flynn recycles the battle style of most of the main tales heroes. He uses classic artes that existed from the first tales game, and focuses on power instead of speed and combos. This makes his style completely the opposite of yuri, as if to support their rival nature. During the battle that you get him, the game mechanics you are used to don't apply to him. Because of that, he has the worst list of moves of any character in the gae, but even with that being said,he's still my favorite character to play as. In the ps3 version, he is made playable outside of the one battle he exists in, and he continues his traditional fighting style. this time though, his combos are faster and not as sluggish, and he gains an incredible list of artes you can choose from, making him a fighter mage and healer all at once.
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[Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 4:34 pm

Tales of Vesperia was a pretty decent RPG. Still haven't actually beaten the last guy X3 but I got kinda put off by then, as it seemed to lose its pacing.
Raven was the best character in the game though, he just rocked. Repede disappointed me a bit, cause I thought he'd have some sort of backstory, but he doesn't really. Whether or not that was changed in the PS3 version, I do not know. He was still a badass pipe smoking wolf though.
Did the PS3 version change much, though? Like I feel making Flynn a character kind of ruins the chemistry between him and Yuri =/ and how does Patty Fleur fit into the story? Does she play any immenient role in the grander scheme of it, or is she just an extra chaaracter just cause?
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[Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 4:52 pm

Patty was... shes the Anise of this game. She has a huge crush on Yuri, and keeps on telling everyone that they better not get between her and her yuri darling. Shes looking for the pirate Aifread. During the story a new boss is added and you fight against the sekeleton of Aifread's deputy. It's a fun fight, but yeah... The changes are as such...

Here is the additional content:

Full voice acting
Tie-ins with Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
New playable character (Patty Fleur)
Flynn as a fully customizable, playable character
Repede and Flynn as selectable on-screen avatars
More backstory for Repede
New cutscenes
New subplots
New main game quests
New sidequests
New songs
New towns
Remodeled towns
New dungeons
The Wasterway in dahngrest has been added, a new dungeon with unavoidable old style rpg fights. takes place before you expose barbos in the tavern.
The Telescopic graveyard A giant dungeon with an almost unbeatable boss at the end. Battles are seamless here and you continue fighting and heading through the area as if in a battle the whole time.
New bosses (including the Sword Dancer)
Boss fight replays at Nam Cobanda Isle (in an area called the Door of Memories)
New Overlimit Levels 5,6,7, and 8
New Hi Ougi/Mystic Artes (including a dual Mystic Arte with Yuri and Flynn)
each character besides batty has a second mystic arte
New Artes
New Skills
New Equipment
A Key Item known as the "Artes Ball," which allows characters to assign up to 8 Artes to the left stick, and 8 Arte Shortcuts to the right stick for a new maximum of 16 Artes.
New Costumes
New Skits
A scene-skip feature
Connectivity with Tales of VS
Pre-Order Bonus (Abyss character costumes for Yuri, Flynn, and Estelle)
DLC like actual costumes
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[Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 9:18 pm

I've been holding off on playing the 360 version of Tales of Vesperia in hopes they'll announce the PS3 version coming to the US, but so far I still don't think there's been anything... I just don't want it to turn into Eternal Sonata, where I get close to halfway through and then they announced the PS3 version with all the extra stuff and I didn't feel inspired to continue with the 360 version... ^_^;;
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PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyFri Apr 16, 2010 12:49 am

its safe to say if may passes with no announcements, then you might as well give up on it sadly. They mostly announce games at E3 during may.
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PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 10:31 pm

I'm in the same situation as ndoto. Waiting for an american release of the PS3 version >_<. And I agree with ceonn, if May passes and no announcement is done, then I'll play the 360 version.
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PostSubject: Re: [Official] Tales of Vesperia   [Official] Tales of Vesperia Empty

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[Official] Tales of Vesperia
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