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 [Official] Conduit 2

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[Official] Conduit 2 Empty
PostSubject: [Official] Conduit 2   [Official] Conduit 2 EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 8:41 pm

This game got announced one week ago ^^ this is the topic where I'll post new infos, screens and trailers about the game. Now a few infos:

The Conduit 2 is the sequel of the Wii FPS that got out almost one year ago on the white console. It got mixed opinions, but the game shown how the wii could have very smooth controls for an FPS, thing that was reconfirmed by the remake of COD: Modern Warfare a few months later.

This sequel aims to fix all the mistakes done in the past, focusing on a deeper plot and on a better art direction, as well as a more solid online experience. An important addition is the offline multiplayer mode and also a system of different classes to choose for the online/offline mode, along with a customization of both the look of your character and over 30 suit upgrades to power-up and specialize your character in certain ways. (there's an upgrade that lets you heal allies by shooting at them)

the game will take place in many places of the world as well as Atlantis.

Here are the first screens, I'll post updates as soon as they are available Smile

[Official] Conduit 2 83551520100331_184136_0_big

[Official] Conduit 2 83551520100331_184136_1_big

[Official] Conduit 2 83551520100331_184136_2_big

A few scans from Nintendo Power

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[Official] Conduit 2
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