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PostSubject: MAC SECTION RULES (IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!)   Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:28 am

Hi, I'm Mackilla, the apple section Moderator.

I specially love this part of the Apple section because I have a Mac and I do NOT have the Iphone.
Your gonna need to know a few things here:
1.ALL TYPES OF MAC OS AND INTEL VERSIONS ARE OK If you want to post about a game like Max Payne (which you need v9.1 to play) you can!
2.NO ASKING "IF SUCH AND SUCH A GAME WAS ON MAC" QUESTIONS Actually, you may, but please limit this.
3.BE KIND TO EVERYONE, EVEN WINDOWS USERS Yes the people at Microsoft hate us for some reason... but that doesn't mean you can yell in their face to go f**k themselves. As much as I want to, I won't. SO DON'T DO IT!
4.IF IT'S ALREADY BEEN SAID, DON'T SAY IT Lots of sites don't tolerate spam like that, even if it was unintentional. I don't, so please use the search before you post. (If it hasn't been directly used, then you may post as one topic)
5.YOU MAY TALK ABOUT VALVE STUFF "But Mack, Valve only has games for Windows!" Not a problem! Coming this May is Steam for the Mac Intel, that means Gmod, Left 4 Dead, and Half Life Source will be on Mac! Discuss future stuff to your hearts content.
6.PLEASE DISCOURAGE RULE 34 Those that don't know what rule 34 is, it's an Internet spam philosophy thing that says that IF ANYTHINGS BEEN POSTED ON THE INTERNET IT HAS BEEN TAKEN AND TURNED INTO A FORM OF PORN. WTF??? Is what your thinking now. IF YOU LIKE IT KEEP IT OFF IF IT'S PORN.

9001.IT'S OVER 9000 That means I get off here! Have fun.
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