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 banjo kazzoi: nuts and bolts. is it truelly banjoy threey?

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PostSubject: banjo kazzoi: nuts and bolts. is it truelly banjoy threey?   Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:52 am

banjo kazzoie

a wonderful adventure platformer of it's time. running around, doing mini-quest to get these jiggys or jenzo's or new moves, just to move on, eventually getting to the evil which.

side by side with your pal kazzoi (who i though, as a bear and bird... male and female, their'd be more..."art" on "places" about it xP) would push through.

then there was banjo twoie~ just as good~ lil longer, actually made a use for the eggs and key... was all fun, and had multiplayer if you had friends over and wanted an excuse to play the bear bird game~

then came nuts and bolts

i have it, i play it from time to time... and i love it <:3
however, it just... doesn't feel like a banjo kazzoi game.

i had hopes that "part three" would possibly, not only be the final stepping stone of the series, but would be something we could all remember. slamming it's name into gamers history forever only to be remade and re-sold years later...

but then they revamped the entire system

i'm not going to say it's baaad or anything, infact i find it rather enjoyable and fun to play...

but it feels like a different game with my child hood hero's as just cameo's in this game about the car...
regardless, fun game, definite rent, maaaaybe a buy depending on what you like... but i have a question

to all other banjo fans~

would you call this part three... would you say it's a success to the series? or would you say it's a failure to the series?

why do you think this? and do you have any crittisms of your own?
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PostSubject: Re: banjo kazzoi: nuts and bolts. is it truelly banjoy threey?   Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:10 am

I don't feel that Nuts and Bolts is 'Banjo-Threeie', its the fifth Banjo-Kazooie game if I'm right, and it doesn't really continue with the style of gameplay from Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. If Rare canonise it by having events follow from where it left off, then I suppose I would call it Banjo-Threeie but only because of how the series timeline would then run. But for a real Banjo-Threeie, it'd have to be in the same open world platformer gaming genre that made the first two incredibly popular.

I really like Nuts and Bolts personally. For me it hasn't destroyed the franchise, but it wasn't quite a successful attempt to make it more known. Its a fun and inventive premise for a game, just not thought through fully. As in they should have really pushed the limits with the vehicle parts and made more varied challenges, but I think they were a bit on the fence about publishing it. Though, I do also feel they cheated a bit, because Nuts and Bolts would still be Nuts and Bolts without Banjo and Kazooie and their characters and world, so I do feel a bit like they stapled them nto the vehicle creation idea to either make it appeal, or for the bear and bird duo to come out of retirement. I'm happy either way though, cause it was another Banjo Kazooie game X3 and hope that despite its sales, Rare will do another one or few.
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banjo kazzoi: nuts and bolts. is it truelly banjoy threey?
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