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 Medal of Honor: Vanguard

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PostSubject: Medal of Honor: Vanguard   Medal of Honor: Vanguard EmptyMon Apr 19, 2010 10:38 pm

Very very great game.
Every game has one enemy that sucks. In this one your in WWII, so the Germans must suck right?

No, it's the Italians (unfortunate T_T). Quote from the AI: "You think these Italians are tough, the Brass says they're virtually untrained compared to the Germans!"

Is that true AI wise? Maybe, since they can't aim a MG42 for s!!t. They only show up in the very beginning, then disappear. Why? You start in Sicily... then you go to France. XD
For three Missions you go in via Parachute. If you land in the marked locations, you get a medal ^_^. For the mission you go to France, though, you go in a glider drop (Your character speaks in between campaigns, for that area he says he broke his hand in some training and was taken off the roster).

Though there are only about 7 weapons, it is a pretty high detailed game.
Weapons include:
Mauser Kar 98
Thompson SMG
M1 Garand
STG 44

There are also Grenades and Mounted guns you can use.

The key to that game is to actually use cover, there is no Health bar, but your screen goes red if your hurt excessively. You heal with time while your in cover. You can use weapon upgrades for the American SMG and Garand (drum barrel, scope) to unleash carnage at distances and close quarters. Try to get ALL the medals, some medals give you bonuses like Sprint recovery, Max Damage, and Damage recovery. There is also high grenade explosion detail, if your close enough not to get hurt, you ears kinda "pop" you hear a high-pitched sound and everything else sounds slurry. You even see everything kinda blurred, and motion is slowed down everywhere.

The campaigns are as followed (in Chronological order)
Husky (invasion of Sicily)
Neptune (inland-airborne-glider drop invasion of France)
Market Garden (invasion of the Netherlands)
Varsity (invasion of Germany, just across the Rhine)

It's almost impossible to die if you know what your doing.

Here's a picture:

Medal of Honor: Vanguard Mohvang_019-large
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Medal of Honor: Vanguard
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