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 Chrono Trigger: Overrated?

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Chrono Trigger: Overrated? Empty
PostSubject: Chrono Trigger: Overrated?   Chrono Trigger: Overrated? EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 12:04 am

Not sure whether to put this here or in the retrogaming forum.. but since I played it on the DS, I shall place it here.

So, I got this game when it came out here in Europe last year. I had heard really good things about it, as obviously many people who are a fan of RPG's seem to champion this game. I had that thought/expectation in my head when I started to play the game. When I finished playing it (thats saying beat it a few times seeing a few different endings), I felt rather disappointed. Story and character wise, it felt very hollow. Things just seemed to happen for no real good reason. I can understand that there are plot points, and that to make the game longer or develop the characters more, the points are joined by events that may require the player to do something, then something else, and then another thing, all seemingly a bit pointless. But the major points like the whole Antiquity thing, the whatever the hell happened in the dino era and Chrono's death just weren't compellingly portrayed. To be honest, I didn't care that Chrono died, I really didn't care about that character at all. I think the only characters who interested me were Luca and Frog.
But I digress. I mainly want to ask what it is I may be missing to really enjoy this game, or even understand its plot.
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Chrono Trigger: Overrated?
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