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 ZY-RPG: A game I'm making

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ZY-RPG: A game I'm making Empty
PostSubject: ZY-RPG: A game I'm making   ZY-RPG: A game I'm making EmptyMon May 17, 2010 5:58 am


The game is being made using Game Maker.

This is a demo I released a while ago but it is a very early demo which only shows the intro cutscene and gives a brief tutorial on the battling system, which I'll update on the next, well update. Also, the intro cutscene contains some curse words, nothing too harsh though I figure I'd let you know.

The story to be put briefly is two kids (Zac and Sammy) wish for a world like a video game and a fairy grants their wish and they figure since they started it, they should find a way to put it back to normal. The game is kind of a comedy and will contain subtle references to other games. I hope for the game to have as much player choice as possible. The player evolves the story depending on choices and missions he/she does. The only party members needed are the 2 kids, though you can recruit others, some examples being three siblings who parents died and they need protection and a dragon who only joins the two in hopes of gaining something.

Admittedly, the graphics could be better (especially if I wasn't the one doing them Razz ) and no music is in the game yet. Right now I'm focused on adding more depth to the battle system.

If you have any kind of suggestion or criticism for the game please let me know.
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ZY-RPG: A game I'm making
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