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 [Official] Arc Rise Fantasia

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PostSubject: [Official] Arc Rise Fantasia   [Official] Arc Rise Fantasia EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 10:06 pm

[Official] Arc Rise Fantasia Arc-rise-fantasia-20080630061121291_640w

[Official] Arc Rise Fantasia Arc_rise

Genre: Turn-based RPG

Developer: Imageepoch

EU-Rising Star

Players: 1

Release date:
USA-June 22


tidbits on the game:
the game plays like a classic turn-based RPG. The battles are divided into two phases: one to decide the actions of each party member (formed by 3 characters) and one to see the outcome, since enemies and characters move at the same time in the battle phase, but act depending by every action and the speed stat of each fighter.

all the characters share an AP gauge, that slowly decreases as actions are executed. Attacks can be chained in combos and the battle system involves special abilities called Trinity Act (that can be executed by all the party members) and Summons.

The character design belongs to Kenichi Yoshida, also known for being the character designer of the anime robot series Eureka Seven.

The plot talks about the Meridian Empire, threatened by the danger of "Contaminant Dragons" creatures dangerous both alive and dead, given their ability to explode and poison the surrounding area if defeated, pretty much like a living nuke. L'arc, the main character is sent to stop a swarm of dragons with the army, but is injured and saved by a mysterious girl called Ryfia, who can use and manipulate Ray squalls, sort of magic winds that take the form of a light rain.

More on the game soon!
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[Official] Arc Rise Fantasia
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