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 Ceonn's weekly report! Sunday, May 9th!

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PostSubject: Ceonn's weekly report! Sunday, May 9th!   Sun May 09, 2010 11:47 pm

Allright guys! once again, we have ourselves a weekly report from me. I hope your ready for this weeks review, cause this time, I'm gonna review a ps2 game, and it's gonna be one of my favorites. (hope this is ok sparky XD)

For all you would be game creators out there, there's gotta be a place to start right? Well get excited, cause the first step to creating an original video game is right here, and it's called RPG maker 3!

I will alter the review process slightly, and I will be removing the score system for this review.

What can you do?

all right, in thi section I will give you a brief analysis of what you can actually do with this game creation video game. Where to start... With RPG maker 3, you have the ability to create countless fields and plains as big as you want them to be. The game renders everything in 3d, unlike all the other RPG makers released to the public, giving you a much wider array of thinks you can do to enrich a gamer's experience in your magnificent world. Each area can have different events in them. From a random house in the wilderness, to a trap door that causes you to fall into a random dungeon, you control it all. That includes dungeon and town creation, which you also get to do yourself.

This game is pretty mcuh a big template with which you can fill with ideas you have for a video game you want to make. Sadly, sci-fi gamers will be dissapointed by it, for the game is limited to a fantasy based world, meaning no guns or lazers. Your weapons and character class is based solely on your own preference, and is completely customizable. Each character model type is limited to weapons that are preset from the start, but don't let this stop you from enjoying the process.

Creating Your World

The game you make needs a world that the characters live in. The way your world is is completely decided by you. You can change the season and the climate. You can change the background and time of day. You can add rain or snow, and other things that will give your world a natural feel. you can create your world with an incredible amount of terrain choices, varying from grassland to lava pits. You can add trees and villages, or even dungeons. The creative options for creating your world are almost limiless basically.

Creating your characters.

The people in all these towns are important right? There may not be limitless models to choose from in games lke these, but you can still make their personalities special. Every model has preset textures, and every class and character type has a portrait you can use. these portraits range from anime style, to even pop art and realistic. They are all nicely done, so I am very happy with how they were made. After doing that, you can edit their stats and starting level, or leave it alone if they are npcs. Finally, when all that is done, you can either give them a class if they are a main party memper, or give them something to say if they are on the field. You can even have them walk around the immediate area.

Creating a Class

Your main party members class is very important to each character. All you have to do it pick a model it is linked to, pick the weapon, and create skills to use in battle. It is very simple. You can even make a class for human chaarcters, or make a class that allows you to bring a dog or a chicken into the party, which is a bvery humerous feature if I do say so myself.

Creating dialogue

Finally, you have the dialogue creator, which allows you to create an unlimited line of dialogue if you so wish, and then you can tack it onto any event of your choice. You can do almost anything with this feature. You can chose the background, edit the text color. You even get to choose the background music. You can have loads of fun with this feature.

Creating Events

The heart and soul of this game. Event creation. Every game has events in them, right? Have you ever wanted to control the good or bad things that happen to players, what the heck comes out of those chests, or boss fights with ease? If so, you will love this game. When creating an event, you have endless combinations of things that can happen hat can change the way the story is going dramatically. From simple things, like having your characters friend give you 10 gold, to completely game changing things, like an earthquake that almost completely destroys a town you reside in, you have the power to control it all.


The music in this game suits a wide array of tones for the story. If your story is sad, you will find a song in there that will fit the scene. sadly, voice acting is nonexistant, and sound can't be put into the game through outside means, so you'll have to cope with the silent world, but it's worth the trouble of doing that in the end.


The game is in full 3d, and has the most advanced graphics of any rpg maker game to date! It looks a little chunky in some spots, but it's easy to look past.

all in all, this game is great for would be game designers. if you ever wanted to make your ideas into something fun that anyone can enjoy, go right on ebay and pick up a copy of rpg maker 3. you will not be dissapointed. Wow.That felt like an infomercial XD. Anyways, yeah, this game is fantastic for anyone who wants to make a game, or see if they can do it in the first place. So, it's final score is 8/10, it gets my seal of approval.

(for those of you who wanted to know, I go by a 10 day period from when the report comes out, that way i allways hae something new for the next report, and you guys can be reminded when the games I announced earlier are coming out soon.)
What games are coming out near you?


3D Dot Game Heroes
May 11th




Lost Planet 2
May 11th




Skate 3
May 11th




Split Second
May 18th



Shrek Forever After
May 18th



Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands
May 18th



Red Dead Redemption
May 18th



Nothing new for Europe ill next week guys. But, next week? there will be a giant wave of new stuff for you guys to check out!
Lost Planet 2 ^^
May 11th

Skate 3 ^^
May 14th

3D Dot Game Heroes ^^
May 14th

This has been another Ceonn weekly report. PM me on the forum or leave comments here! Tell me if you like the new review system. Do you want me to bring the score system back? also, what do you think about me using ps2 games in this too? please tell me what you think!
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PostSubject: Re: Ceonn's weekly report! Sunday, May 9th!   Mon May 10, 2010 5:05 pm

Oh man, I remember tooling around with RPG Maker back in the day! Geez, reading this is making me want to dig it out again. XD

And I can't believe that it's already time for 3D Dot Game Heroes' release! It seems like the months are seriously flying by for some reason!

Thanks for another great report!
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PostSubject: RE: ceonn   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:31 am

Lost Planet 2 seems to pay it's price quite well, also Split-Second looks interesting, Skate 3 is getting sorta old and new Prince is definately not worth the money ="3
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PostSubject: Re: Ceonn's weekly report! Sunday, May 9th!   

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Ceonn's weekly report! Sunday, May 9th!
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